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Sammamish Club Employee Spotlight: Tammy Gibson

Balance. It is an important tenet in the world of fitness.  With balance, it is easier to stand strong and be resilient to change.  Getting to know Tammy Gibson, the Sammamish Club’s expert Pilates instructor, it is easy to see why balance is at the heart of her Pilates training and her life in general.  

To be in balance, it is important to start with a strong core or foundation.  For Tammy, that foundation started at age 15 when she began earning her many fitness certifications. Her love of dance took her to the prestigious New York University Tisch School of the Arts where she was studied under renowned Pilates instructor Kathy Grant, one of Joseph Pilates’ “Master Inheritors.”  Later, Tammy completed her Pilates Certification from Jennifer Kries, one of the few “2nd Generation” Pilates Master Instructors.

As a professional dancer on Broadway, Tammy found that Pilates helped her balance the physical and mental demands of her occupation.  “Because of pilates and the knowledge of pilates I have prolonged my dancing career…I lived what I did”, she says.   Tammy also credits Pilates with her ability to get back on stage just eight weeks after giving birth to her daughter.

Although dancing and fitness are an important part of her being, Tammy finds equilibrium by being passionate about the rest of her life as well.  She enjoys playing with her kids, hitting the hiking trails and knitting.  She also is very impassioned about dogs, personally rescuing under-appreciated and misunderstood animals like Pitbulls:  “I have a huge heart for the underdog…especially dogs that have a bad rap.”

When it comes to assisting others with their fitness goals, Tammy uses her experience to help people restore balance in their lives by empowering them to feel healthy in mind and be healthy in body.   “I feel that it’s a holistic mind and body balance. When you are fit, you feel good…it’s a mental thing, fitness is function”, she states.

The Sammamish Club is fortunate to have Tammy Gibson and her expertise leading the Pilates programming.   She is grateful as well, saying  “Thank you for being so warm and welcoming.  You have eased the transition.”  Now that she is feeling right at home, Tammy is excited about the work and is “…looking forward to creating a program that will kick your butt!”

To learn more about Tammy and find out how to get in on one of her classes email her at tgibson@sammamishclub.com


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