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Sammamish Club Member Spotlight: Melissa Stefani

Stella+Maia_Fall2012-11900119_SmallIn the world of fitness, a lot can change in eight years:  new equipment replaces old, new classes refresh older versions, people change from one gym to the next.  For Melissa Stefani, Sammamish Club member since 2006, her choice of club has remained the same but her reasons for being here have changed. What was originally just a gym for Melissa and her husband to use to stay in shape has become a part of her community that supports a healthy lifestyle for herself and family.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Melissa decided to make the Pacific Northwest her home after attending the University of Puget Sound and falling in love with the region.  With her husband, Stefano, and daughters Stella and Maia, Melissa has begun setting down roots here. So it is no surprise that a sense of family and community is at the forefront of her criteria for a good fitness facility.  Melissa likes that there is something at the Sammamish Club for the whole family.  All the amenities make it feel less like a gym and more like a club than other facilities they visited.  In fact, she says her favorite thing about the club is “the community atmosphere, we like the intimacy”.  Stella and Maia even ask to visit more often than Melissa’s regular workout schedule.

Melissa has also figured out that maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle is more rewarding than just getting in shape. She appreciates that she has the time and availability to improve her fitness and be a good example for her kids.   “I used to have to work out to stay in shape, now it is fun. The better shape I’m in the happier I am; it makes me a better mom”, Melissa says.  During what she calls her “me time”, Melissa likes taking one of the various fitness classes offered like Step, Bike, BootCamp, Pilates and her favorite TRX.  “I am the biggest fan of it (TRX)…it has totally changed my fitness and the way I feel”, she says. She feels very strongly that the TRX class can benefit everyone and encourages other members to “try the free class and see if you like it”.   Melissa shares one more reward of her family’s focus on fitness: less guilt when enjoying their love of food and experiencing new restaurants.

As Melissa and her family’s fitness needs continue to change in the future, we hope that there is one constant:  that she is always able to find the community and programs to support her at the Sammamish Club.


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