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MAC Member Spotlight: Barbara Schafer

BarbaraSchaferAt every gym or club, there are usually a select few members who are great resources in learning the ins and outs of a facility.  Just ask, and they are usually more than willing to enthusiastically share their experiences with the different programs and classes.   At the MAC, one of those members is Barbara Schafer.

Barbara has been a member at the MAC for a long time and visits the gym several times a week to help her maintain the fit lifestyle she has earned through her dedication and hard work.  Her focus on the importance of community makes the club environment an ideal and comfortable place for her workouts.  A veteran of other health clubs, she found the variety and quality of the programs and classes offered at the MAC most appealing.  ”Magnuson really has something for everybody”, she states. Barbara’s affirmation especially rings true in her own household, allowing for the first time that her husband is able to fulfill his fitness needs under the same club roof as his wife.

 If it is true that variety is the spice of life, then Barbara is living fully at the MAC.  She has taken several classes; everything from yoga to her current favorite program, Body Breakthrough.  Barbara loves the accountability and results she has seen in the Body Breakthrough program.  She boasts a loss of 10% of her body weight and an immeasurable gain in the self-confidence department. “I feel like I own the place…I can do anything”, she said.  Barbara is also quick to credit trainers Scott and Breanne for being so helpful and supportive. And although her newfound strength and confidence has her contemplating taking other classes that she never thought possible, she still highly recommends Body Breakthrough with a warning to “bring a towel and a water bottle.

All workout and no play is not part of Barbara’s routine.  She enjoys spending lots of time with her family, even bringing her granddaughter with her to play in the Mini MAC.  A long-time Pacific Northwesterner, Barbara also enjoys traveling.  However, when physical travel is not an option, she often takes culinary journeys.  A self-professed “foodie”, Barbara enjoys sampling international cuisines, with an affinity for cooking her own Italian and French dishes. Along with family, fitness and food, Barbara enjoys sewing, reading and working in the garden.

At the MAC, we are proud to call Barbara Schafer a member and happy to be a partner in her fitness and a witness to her positive results.  If you have a question about a class or program the MAC offers and want an honest review, Barbara maybe your resource.  If she hasn’t taken the class, give her time…it may be next on her list.


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