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Battle Against Workplace Stiffness and Pain

Battle Against Workplace Stiffness and Pain

StretchAtWorkSitting on your butt all day seems simple enough, but eight hours in your office chair might be wreaking havoc on your muscles and joints while also limiting your mobility. Desk jockeys have more to fear than just carpal tunnel–improper posture and inactivity at work can cause serious pains and health issues.


Some specialists recommend following the 20-20 Rule–for every 20 minutes you sit, stand up for 20 seconds. In addition to working your legs every 20 minutes, make stretching part of your routine by setting an hourly alarm to remind yourself to loosen up. Luckily, improving our mobility at work is as easy as taking a seat–complete these 10 simple stretches to stop pain and stiffness in their tracks.


1. Warm-Up Your Knees

Without using your hands, stand up and sit down. This simple movement warms up your knees, works the muscles in your legs, and engages your core. Better yet, the stand-up-sit-down move can be done while on the phone–the person you’re talking to will be none the wiser.

2. Shoulder Shrug

With a deep inhale, raise both shoulders up towards your ears. After a brief pause, exhale and release your shoulders before gently shaking your head from left to right. This move helps release tension from your neck and shoulders after being hunched over your computer keyboard.

3. Torso Twist

Flex your core and back by turning your body to the right and grabbing the back rest of your chair with your right hand. Hold this stretch while breathing deeply. Slowly release the stretch and repeat on your left side.

4. Leg Lifts

Engage your core and lengthen your leg muscles with a series of leg lifts. Hold the seat of your chair for balance and slowly raise both legs until they are parallel with the floor. While holding this position, transition between flexing and pointing your toes.

5. Stand Up and Stretch

Stand tall and place both hands on the back of your head. Press your elbows back while flexing together your shoulder blades. Hold this stretch for five deep breaths and then repeat.

6. Wrist Circles

Stretch your arms out directly in front of you, holding this pose for one breath. Clench your fists and rotate your hands clockwise, then counter-clockwise. Return your arms in the starting position and gently shake out your hands.

7. Bear Hug

Wrap your arms around yourself, placing your right hand on your left shoulder blade and your left hand on your right shoulder blade. Hold this pose, feeling the stretch in your back.

8. Toe Touchers

Extend your legs in front of you so your heels rest on the floor and your toes point to the ceiling. Bend forward at the hips and reach towards your toes. Hold this stretch for ten deep breaths.

9. Leg Hug

Extend both your legs in front of you (like in the toe toucher stretch). Slowly raise your right knee to your chest and use both hands to pull it in for a deep stretch. Lower the right knee and repeat on the left knee.

10. Arm Raiser

Interlock your fingers and raise your arms above your head. Stretch your shoulders and arms as the palms of your hands face the ceiling. Hold this stretch for two deep breaths before slowly leaning left. Return to the center and slowly right, breathing deeply the entire time.

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