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Sammamish Club Member Spotlight: Susie Lowry

Susie LowrySammamish Club member Susie Lowry is a wife and a mother of two (David, 21 and Thomas 17) and is a Library Technical Assistant for the King County Library System at the Snoqualmie Ridge Branch. Between being busy with her family, and her hobbies of reading, cooking, running and playing tennis, she still manages to find time and the passion to live a healthy lifestyle.

Sammamish Club: What inspired you towards fitness and a healthy lifestyle?
Susie Lowry: Being in good shape just helps me feel better about myself. I feel strong, healthy and confident.

Sammamish ClubHow long have you been a member at the Sammamish Club?
Susie Lowry: I worked at the front desk for the club from 2009 to 2011 and have been a member ever since.

Sammamish ClubWhen you come to the club, what is your typical routine?
Susie Lowry: I enjoy John’s Muscle Matters class and Lindsay’s 30 minute yoga class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Other days I will run from the club or do the elliptical.  Then you will find me up at the coffee bar enjoying some coffee or Deanna’s smoothies and chicken salad.

Sammamish ClubCallie has mentioned that you are an active runner and that you recently completed your first marathon – of which congrats! Can you share you experience participating in the marathon?
Susie Lowry: I have been trying to run a marathon for 30 years but injury would always prevent me.  I rehabbed with a trainer at the club a of couple years ago, who helped me with my running technique and then I took some running lessons with a coach at a local running store. Changing my running technique finally allowed me to train for a  half marathon. I ran The Nike Woman’s Marathon in San Francisco on October 20th. I trained with their marathon app, incorporating lots of hills into my runs as it was a hilly course. Next to child birth it was one of the hardest things I’ve done. What surprised me the most was that miles 16-21 were a killer mentally and physically, and the last 5 felt great — I felt so good I was dancing/running to some of my tunes! Overall it was a wonderful, empowering experience, although I am not sure if I want to do another one.

Sammamish ClubOn the note of running, how long have you been a runner? Why are you passionate about running?
Susie Lowry: I have been a runner for 40 years.  I mostly love to run half marathons, and 12 person 24 hour relays.  I always joke that I love to run cause I love to eat!  While that is partly true, I love the simplicity of running, just me, my music and a long stretch of road to conquer. Plus I have met some amazing people running. Runners have  great camaraderie, we support and encourage one another even while we are competing in a race.


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