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Magnuson Athletic Club Member Spotlight: James Tupper

james tupperMagnuson Athletic Club member, James Tupper is a husband to Sue and father to Emma, 27 and Zack, 26. While he practices environmental law with an emphasis on water quality, water resources and shoreline development, this attorney makes sure that he still has time to be with his family, cooking, playing his ukulele, golfing and working out. James shares with the MAC his passion for living a healthy lifestyle.

Magnuson Athletic Club: What inspires you towards fitness and living a healthy lifestyle?
James Tupper: Living a life without regret. There is a lot of fun to be had out there without the pain, lack of energy and mobility that goes with the alternative.

Magnuson Athletic Club: Can you share your fitness successes while being at the MAC?
James Tupper: I joined the MAC in May 2011 and signed with Breanne Curran, MAC Trainer and Nutritionalist, as my health coach and trainer. I see her about every two weeks to review my goals for diet and health and go through a new workout routine. At a basic level, the results speak for themselves. I have lost almost forty pounds, my blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar are all within normal ranges and my weight, body fat and BMI are closing in on my long term goals. At a deeper level, I have learned some life changing skills about firing the core and opening my chest and heart to the challenges of life. You would be amazed how well that translates from swinging a kettle bell, a golf club to speaking in public. 

Magnuson Athletic Club: Would you recommend these programs to other members? 
James Tupper: I highly recommend the trainers at the Magnuson Athletic Club. Before I joined the club I had cycled through a lot of diets and workout efforts. Up and down, up and down. Since joining the MAC I have been gradually losing weight and gaining shape in ways that are, I hope, sustainable over the rest of my life. The benefit of working with a trainer is keeping your body constantly engaged and challenged in the gym. 

Magnuson Athletic Club: Now Preston Crouser, the MAC’s General Manager, expressed that you recently had knee surgery?
James Tupper: I joined the MAC after a botched meniscus surgery. I was not able to walk more than a block and sleep was pretty illusory. The gym was the last resort before knee replacement. I kept at it but had to go through the replacement surgery anyway a year later in 2012. Ironically, the efforts at the MAC made the initial rehab more difficult but the muscle mass and memory played early dividends in reaching the flexibility goals after knee replacement surgery. Today I workout four day a week, try to get in one round of golf on the weekend, a yoga lesson on Sundays and walk the dog as much as possible.

Magnuson Athletic Club: So we’ve heard that you go on a big annual fishing trip. We would love to hear more about your trips! 
James Tupper: For the last three years, I have been going to Milbanke Sound near Bella Bella B.C. during the first week of August with my brother. It is an extraordinary fishery that is famous for enormous Spring Chinook Salmon that I’ve caught. My largest to date that I’ve caught is 38 pounds, but it is not usual to see “Tyees” close to fifty pounds.  


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