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Magnuson Athletic Club Employee Spotlight: Michael Warner

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Michael Warner is a Group Fitness Instructor at the MAC. His passion for fitness came from being an athlete but the love for yoga and pilates evolved from an unfortunate injury. Read on to hear more about Michaels journey in becoming fitness teacher.

Magnuson Athletic Club: How long have you been involved with fitness and what enticed you to become a GX instructor?
Michael Warner: Playing soccer in high school and throughout college started my platform of fitness and wellnesses, then an ankle injury lead me to find yoga in 1999 and almost a decade later I discovered Pilates in 2007. Fortunately, I became tired of the “behind the desk” for 8 plus hours a day in the administrative/counseling/finance arena in Higher Education and I decided to become a fitness teacher in 2000.  Happily, last month in October 2013 I celebrated 10 years of teaching Yoga/Fitness/Wellness and look forward to another three more decades of teaching before I retire!

Magnuson Athletic Club: What are the benefits to yoga and Pilates that you instruct?
Michael Warner: For my classes, I really focus on anatomy and alignment of the body that allows one to create safe and proper habits that anyone can take, translate or apply in many other form of fitness not to mention.  In either platform one will gain, strength, balance, body awareness, flexibility and a state of accomplishment, essentials that leads to a better overall wellness path.

Magnuson Athletic Club: What does fitness mean to you?
Michael Warner: Fitness is my everything, from my livelihood to my everyday practice.  Along with having fitness, yoga and Pilates in my world, aside form the amazing genes from my mother and maternal grandparents, I have kept almost the same appearance, weight and stamina.

Magnuson Athletic Club: What are some things you are passionate about?
Michael Warner: I am passionate about all things leading to the wellbeing of all things especially the conservation of the planet, continuous personal education for all, and I am a big sucker for Wheaten Terriers. We have a 3 year old pup, his name is Riley and I bring with me when it is cold outside where I teach, he loves waiting in the car at place where I cannot bring him inside!


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