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Sammamish Club Employee Spotlight: Callie Boise


Callie Boise on the right with her Grandpa John.

Sammamish Club’s Director of Member Services, Callie Boise, shares small details about her life and journey at the club.

Sammamish Club: Where did you grow up?
Callie: I have always lived in the greater Seattle area – born and raised in Bellevue. My whole family pretty much lives within a one mile radius of each other.

SC: Where did you attend college?
Callie: I did and still am attending college. I went to Western Washington University for two years, but decided it wasn’t the place for me. I transferred to Bellevue College where I am currently finishing prerequisites to go to Bastyr University to complete their Exercise Science and Wellness program.

SC: What are you passionate about?
Callie: I LOVE sports, both watching and playing. Sports were the biggest part of my life growing up and I am trying to get back into them! I also really like doing outdoorsy things like fishing, especially with my family. I am working to expand my list of hobbies – boxing and learning how to hunt are next on the list!

SC: How long have you been working at the Sammamish Club?
Callie: June 2013 will mark three years of being a Sammamish Club employee. I started out at the front desk three days a week and grew from there into my current position.

SC: Why do you enjoy working for the Sammamish Club?
Callie: I love working at the Sammamish Club because of the people here, both members and co-workers. The club has become more like a second family to me. It’s nice when you can actually look forward to coming to work!

SC: Being an athlete who is passionate about fitness, what is your typical workout routine?
Callie: I do enjoy working out at the club. I typically switch up my workout routine. I love getting to take Group Fitness classes. Cycling is probably my favorite, but I would like to do all of them! I also really enjoy listing weights. But ultimately, my workouts tend to depend on my mood.


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