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MAC Member Spotlight: George Moen

George MoenMagnuson Athletic Club’s member spotlight, George Moen, tells all about his personal life and his passions about health & fitness.

Magnuson Athletic Club: Can you share some details about your personal life – hometown, family, career.
George: I was born in Spokane, and my family moved around frequently when I was young, but we settled in the Seattle are when I was in high school.  After graduating from Washington State University, I returned to the Seattle area and have been here ever since. I am happily married to Kathy. We will be celebrating our 28-1/2th anniversary at the end of May. I was an engineer and Kathy was a teacher. We are now both retired and enjoying it. We keep far too busy doing volunteer work and serving on various boards and committees now.

MAC: What are you passionate about? Any hobbies?
George: Fitness, of course! I really enjoy traveling, hiking, skiing, sailing, and playing racquetball. I do have a hobby. I collect coins. I am a nerd and not ashamed to admit it.

MAC: Why did you end up joining the MAC over other gyms considering you travel from Bainbridge Island?
George: My mother-in-law’s house is not far from the MAC. When she was still able to stay there, Kathy and I were spending quite a bit of time with her, taking care of both her and her house. I had tried a club in the area, but was not completely satisfied. We saw some advertising about the soon-to-come Magnuson Athletic Club, liked what we saw, and eagerly awaited its opening. I like the staff at the MAC, the facilities, the members, and the view. The general feel and atmosphere at the MAC is just better than other clubs. I still have to travel over from Bainbridge Island to deal with my house, but I mostly come because I like the MAC.

MAC: What inspired you towards fitness and a healthy lifestyle?
George: Prior to joining the MAC, I had not participated in a group exercise class. I thought “I know how to work out, what do I need a class for?” Well, I got talked into participating in one, and I was hooked. The instructors are not only teachers, but they are also motivational cheerleaders. Besides getting the class to do the exercises, do them correctly, and to get the participants to push themselves to get the most out of the workouts, the instructors make it fun! And if that isn’t enough, there is a synergism among the participants. It is inspiring when you are working hard and hear the sounds of hard work coming from others around you. And the occasional laughter and chatter contributes a sense of friends and family.

MAC: Will McClinton, MAC’s Member Services Manager, mentioned that you have lost over 70 lbs since becoming a MAC member. Can you explain your great success and how you have lost your weight?
George: Just after I joined the MAC, I learned that I had some significant health risks, related to my weight and lack of exercise. In the process of getting more fit, I found that I really enjoyed exercise, especially participating in group fitness classes. I am completely healthy now, and plan on staying that way.  I really enjoy the MAC family, and most of all, I really enjoy being more fit.

MAC: What is your typical workout routine?
George: At the MAC, I enjoy taking Group Fitness classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Presently, I am taking Tabata Boot Camp with Scott, BodyPump with Sue, Step with Shonagh, and Cycle IT with Sara. Mondays and Fridays are my racquetball days. Otherwise, I try to get a hike and/or run in if the weather is good.

MAC: Did a change in diet have to do with your weight loss?
George: Oh yes! I cut out sweets completely, and cut way down on carbs. I discovered that I really don’t have a sweet tooth anyway.



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