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Have you ever thought that running would be harmful for your health? Contrary to what most of us believe, running is not always healthy to all types of people. As running is a high impact workout, the joints are more likely to suffer pressure that ripples to the rest of the body parts.  It a scientific fact that with each step you land in running form you send 4x your total body weight onto those joints. If your joints are not healthy or are out of alignment – you could be asking for some pretty big injuries.

Clean up your running form to help prevent injury. 

1.  Watch your arm drive.  Stay  tall and keep your elbows in close to your body.  When you drive your elbows laterally away from your body you cause hip rotation and damage to your joints. Think ” thumb to back pocket, with elbows in”

2.  Toes are windows to the hips. If you don’t want wide hips, square up your feet! Keep your toes forward.  Glance down at your feet – are they turning in or out – keep them straight ahead!

3.  Yoga – at least once a week.  If you run (at all) you must stretch – the more you run, the longer you stretch!  Check out yoga for recovery! If you do have back or knee issues,  STOP RUNNING!   Sideline yourself to the elliptical, bike or rower for a month and check in with a NSCA or ACSM trainer  to clean up your alignment.

Check out Breanne Curran’s blog for more nutritions tricks and fitness tips!  www.breannetrains.tumblr.com


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