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Member Spotlight: Raina Green

Raina Green 1Native Ballard girl and Seattle business owner, Raina Green finds time to stay active no matter how busy her calendar gets.

Raina Green, owner of Violette Salon & Beauty Bar in the Sand Point Village, established her very own salon after working at a day spa for nine years. “It is really fun being in a full service salon – much more upbeat than a spa setting,” said Raina. “My most favorite thing I get to do at work is apply eyelash extensions. I’ve been doing it for eight years now, and I love it! Nothing beats the feeling of making someone feel beautiful!”

Living with her boyfriend and his two kids, Abbey (11) and Dylan (13), Raina enjoys goofing off at home and spending time with them. Otherwise, she spends time trying new experience in life. Recently she is learning the ins and outs of boating, has been introduced to paddle boarding which she expressed is a great workout, and lastly has the passion for traveling to around the world. In a couple months, Raina is going on a trip to Peru to go on a four day hike up Machu Picchu.

Aside from staying active in her daily life, Raina likes coming to the gym to weight lift and to take some Group Fitness classes to spice up her routine. “I have been a MAC member for almost two years now. I love the staff, the equipment, the classes and how bright and clean it is!”

Raina’s passion for fitness is derived from the positive outcomes that comes with it.  “I am inspired towards fitness because it has always been a great outlet for extra energy and stress. I have more confidence, I eat better and sleep better. But ultimately, I always love meeting so many nice people that I wouldn’t get the chance to meet elsewhere.”


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