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Employee Spotlight: Anna Clausen

Anna Clausen

Anna Clausen, a Seattle native, attended the University of Miami where she graduated with a degree in Theater and Music. Pursuing her acting career, Anna continues to audition for commercials and performs in theater shows. She recently closed a show for Eclectic Theater called The Odd Duck.

Anna was introduced to Group Fitness while working out at American Athlete in Green Lake. “Taking BodyPump was so inspiring as it changed my body in so many ways,” expressed Anna. Aside from helping supplement in between acting jobs, Anna became passionate about Group Fitness and became BodyPump certified. “The magic of Group Fitness is in the group. You are all being distracted, being lead and challenged, and inspired by others through support and competition. Group Fitness gets you out of your comfort zone and builds confidence,” stated Anna. “During BodyPump alone, you perform up to 800 reps in a class. It gets you to go further then you think you can, and you leave feeling like a bad ass!”

As Anna continues to instruct BodyPump, she is also in the mists of training with MAC Group Fitness Trainer, Katherine Kaufman to become K.U.T certificated, in addition to getting her personal training certification.


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