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NEW 30 Minute Cycling Class

Cycling 1

Magnuson Athletic Club is Introducing a NEW 30 minute CYCLE CLASS.

Cycle I.T. is a workout designed to give you the cardio benefits of interval training in a 30 minute format. Interval training, is simply working in short intense bursts followed by a recovery.

Cycle I.T. begins with a 10 minute warm-up. If you need more time to warm up, the cycle room is open and you are always welcome early. After warm-up, you are coached through any combination of high-energy intervals. For example 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds recovery, repeat 8 times. There may be interval ladders or any mixed combination of short work followed by recovery, all to up-tempo music.

A set of Tabata intervals will be incorporated into each workout. These are a specific ratio of on/off work. They are 20 seconds on with 10 seconds off eight times. Tabata intervals are fun, challenging and really give you a tremendous cardio and aerobic workout that improves overall fitness. After the main working set, you cool down and stretch. You are then free to start your day with a metabolism kick-started from a cardio workout. Or, for a great class combination, follow Cycle I.T. with BODYFLOW, for an hour of deeper stretching, balance and breathing exercises.

Cycle I.T. is coached by Cary and offered Monday mornings at 7:30.


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