Encouraging Health and Happiness

Have Heart!

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love”  –Rumi

What makes you happy? Is it the same thing that you place the most value on.. that you would spend more money on? For some, this is a significant other in their life (maybe even their pet or children), some this is their health. This February, focus on what makes you happy! “That is true love to me. Spending my time with people and activities that make me happy and content,” expressed MAC Trainer and Nutritionist, Breanne Curran. 

Happy people are healthier and weigh less. They also burn fat more easily! This is due to decreased levels of Cortisol in their body (stress hormone). It is undeniable that Cortisol is caused by negative stress and causes us to hold on to fat. So even if you work out 2 hours a day and eat healthy.. unless you are happy – and have less stress – you will be fighting an uphill battle to a tighter belly and booty!


Check out Breanne’s blog for more nutritions tricks and fitness tips!  www.breannetrains.tumblr.com


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