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Incinerate Fat! Go Heavy.

Heavy lifting is in!  Any client of mine knows, you get real weight loss results with low reps  and heavier weights. My personal favorite tool I utilize often is the kettlebell.  Why?

You’ll Torch Body Fat —

You may have been told that cardio is the ultimate fat burner, but that effect stops the minute you hop off the treadmill.  Kettlebells combine high cardio moves with strength… a double whammy. Build more muscle and you’ll keep your body burning fat all day long. According to one study, adding just two sessions per week of heavy lifting can reduce your body fat by three percent without cutting calories.So whether it’s with dumbbells, cables or bells.

Challenge yourself.. and with good form!

Weight lost by  weight lifters is  primarily fat while the cardio queens lose a lot of muscle along with some fat. More muscle, and less fat translates  to smaller clothing sizes for your firmed bod! Challenge yourself slowly, signing up for a training session to review form is well worth it (keep injuries away and get more results)!


Breanne Curran — Personal Trainer + Nutrition — http://www.breannetrains.com


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