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Member Spotlight: Mike Shelton

MAC member since March 2011, Mike Shelton is a busy family man and business owner who still has the time for fitness and the passion for an active lifestyle with his family.

Mike has a family of four – his wife, Sara, two sons, Eddie, 11 and William, 7, and their newest edition, Niner (a year old puppy named after Mike’s hometown football team the San Francisco 49ers), who are highly active in fitness and sports. “We have a very lively calendar of events that we are constantly involved with,” said Mike. Being that he is continuously playing tennis and soccer, coaching sports with his kids, and getting outdoors to enjoy the sun with his wife, Mike finds it important to maintain a consistent fitness routine for him to be able to keep up with all the physical activities with his family.

Joining the MAC was important to Mike’s fitness habits as it allows him to keep his health in check. Right off the bat, Mike loved the open feel of the health club and how inviting all the staff was. “They make you feel so comfortable when you come in to workout,” expressed Mike. Furthermore, the fact that the gym is rarely crowded allows him to finish his workout routine without interruptions. “Preston can attest to the fact that I have a quick routine that combines light weights and cardio. It is always done alone and doesn’t vary much week to week. The equipment offers plenty of options to make it easy to get a quick workout in,” stated Mike. He also loves having the basketball court to play ball with his two boys or a pickup game with other members.

“One of my favorite experiences at the MAC, in the short time we have been open, is playing basketball with Mike and fellow member Pete Kain and all of their kids. It was great to see two families in here laughing and having fun together while getting in their exercise,” said Preston Crouser, MAC Manager and Personal Trainer. “Mike Shelton brings a smile to everyone around him when he comes in to workout at the MAC. He always has a good story to tell and a positive attitude.”


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  1. Paul Puccinelli

    I know mike pretty well
    And I’ll bet a buck he spends more
    Time getting water than he does working out !!

    November 7, 2012 at 12:07 PM