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Use yoga to stay injury free

Sprained ankles, torn knee ligaments, neck and back pain… let’s face it, injuries and tension pain sucks. Whether your body woes come from overdoing it during your workouts, or overdoing it in front of the computer, there is a way to work hard and still rest easy. Learn to optimize all that hard work by staying injury-free.

The Jasyoga class series includes functional movement, balance, and core work to stabilize joints and improve your ability to use your strength in a more integrated way. Deep stretching and mobility work will help restore range of motion and focus your mind for the week of work and workouts ahead.

Join guest instructor Erin Taylor for a
4 week series: November 27th – December 18th
Tuesdays, 12pm in the MAC Studio

For more details, pricing, and registration visit the MAC front desk or call 206.452.1500
**Preregistration required 

Erin Jasmine Taylor, RYT  Owner & Head Coach
Go to www.jasyoga.com for more information


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