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Employee Spotlight: Amy Larsen

Magnuson Athletic Club wants to welcome Amy Larsen, personal fitness trainer, as she joins the club.

Amy Larsen grew up on the other side of the mountains in Spokane, WA. She attended Eastern Washington University and graduated with a degree in Communications. It wasn’t until four years ago, Amy moved to Seattle. “I have always loved Seattle. So I decided to make the move and give it a try. Turns out it is a good fit,” expressed Amy.  She has since worked for Young Life, a para-church organization for youth, and had the opportunity to coach track and field at multiple middle schools and high schools in the surrounding areas. While coaching, Amy realized she had an interest in health, fitness and training. “I loved helping athletes reach their goals while pushing them to new limits.” Amy has been involved in the fitness community for the last 15 years as a dancer, athlete, coach and trainee. She has immaturely “trained” friends over the years with knowledge she gained from her own interest in fitness, but it wasn’t until this summer that she finally got her Personal Trainer Certification.

Amy’s personal training style is developed based on each client’s unique needs, interest, and goals. Through an integrated fitness approach, she works to keep things interesting and fun by challenging her clients. Fitness is all about personal health and challenging the body and the mind. “Challenging the body physically is important, but challenging yourself mentally by trying new things and setting new goals is equally important,” said Amy. “I aspire to foster an enthusiasm for fitness in my clients and empower them through achievements they thought were beyond their capabilities.”

While training at the MAC, one of Amy’s goals is to eventually offer her clients the option to join small group training sessions with others that share the same goals. “I would really love to train small groups of people with a collective goal. I believe there is motivation and encouragement in the presence of others,” expressed Amy.

So next time you see Amy in the gym, make sure you give her a wave!


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