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Do you know the difference between good and bad fat?

Magnuson Athletic Club introduced the Dunk Tank to its members in early September. The Dunk Tank, also known as hydrostatic weighing test, is the best method of calculating your true body composition. Keep in mind that your body composition and body weight are two different concepts. The human body is composed of a variety of different tissue types.

The so-called ‘lean’ tissues, such as muscle, bone and organs, are metabolically active, while adipose (fat tissue) is not. Adipose tissue can be classified into three different categories:

1. Essential fat – supports life and is extremely important to normal bodily function.

2. Storage fat – protects internal organs and supplies some energy requirements.

3. Non-essential fat – serves no real purpose and may in fact be detrimental to health.

The difference in these tissues is not readily distinguishable by stepping on a scale. A scale simply takes the sum of everything (fat, muscle, water, hair – you name it), and gives an absolute weight measurement. Scales can’t determine the lean-to-fat ratio of that weight, whereas the Dunk Tank is able to distinguish an accurate assessment of your body fat percentage and lean mass.

Breanne Curran, MAC’s Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Nutritionist reported that many of the participants who dunked had a fat percentage higher than they thought it would be. Some of her clients became much more motivated to decrease their fat percentage results after the dunk. “The reality of the Dunk Tank has inspired them to work harder and pay attention to their eating and daily health habits more,” said Breanne. Many participates found that the Dunk Tank was a new source of inspiration and motivation when it came to their target weight goal.

Click here to see a video of the Dunk Tank!


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