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Gym Etiquette: Put the Phone Down!

According to Mobithinking.com, 76% of United States consumers use their phone for Social Networking. Additionally, in a survey by mobile-services provider iPass, 91% of mobile users said they use their free time, both day and night, to check their smartphone. No matter where you turn, whether it be on the road while driving to work, or waiting to check out in the grocery store line, someone is playing with his or her cell phone. This constant usage has also made its way into the gym, and although there is a time and place to use your cell phone, the gym is not it.

To ensure that one is getting the most out of his or her workout, it is important to keep the body’s heart rate up during the entire time of the workout. This is done with either weights or cardio. But, when someone is using his or her cell phone on a machine, his or her attention is no longer on the exercise, but the phone. This puts the mind out of touch with the body, therefore hindering what could have been a great workout. Additionally, one of the biggest annoyances from other gym-goers is someone who uses his or her cell phone on a machine or a piece of exercise equipment.

Not only does the cell phone usage disturb your workout, it also disturbs others trying to focus on their workouts. If you must use your phone, step away from the machine or equipment that you are on. Then, find a private area where you are not in the way or disturbing others to either make a call or send a text. While this should be a last-resort situation, the best way to get a great workout is to put the phone down or turn it off. Using your phone during a workout is not fair to your workout or fellow gym-goers.

While there are some exceptions for using a phone (using  the MAC eTrainer app, tracking calorie burn, tracking number of steps, etc.), putting down the phone for at least 30 minutes during a workout will provide you with the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your workout, while also following gym etiquette. Here are some suggestions on how to put away the cell phone during gym time:

  1. Hire a personal trainer – While this is the more expensive route, most trainers will not allow cell phones during a workout. Additionally, they are the best way for one to get the most out of a workout by showing proper technique on different machines.
  2. Switch out your phone for an MP3 Player – Invest in an MP3 player that strictly plays music. For example, an iPod Nano is as cheap as $129 and has a radio app, Nike+ app, and can hold quite a large amount of songs. If the Nano is out of your price range, Apple also sells the iPod shuffle starting at $49.
  3. Get a workout partner – You are less likely to be attached to your phone when someone else is motivating you to do your best. You and your friend can encourage one another during your workouts which will benefit the both of you in the long run.
  4. Join a Group Fitness Class – Classes from companies like Zumba and LesMills help gym-goers torch calories in a 30 to 60-minute time frame, while listening to music from today’s hottest music artists.

When you go to the gym, it should be time for you to disconnect from the world and clear your head. By texting, using Facebook and Twitter, or calling someone, you take away from that precious that could be the most beneficial to you. Putting down the cell phone while in the gym will not only benefit your mental well-being but also your physical and emotional well-being.

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