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Member Spotlight: Heidi Lowe

Heidi is one of MAC’s earliest and most dedicated members. She balances running her own fashion consulting business with being a wife and mother of three, which makes Heidi a very busy lady. But that doesn’t stop her from finding time for fitness. An admitted “gym rat,” Heidi loves to work out, especially when that means participating in group exercise and spin classes.

MAC: Judging by your prolific check-in history at the front desk, you really love to exercise. What drove you initially to make such a commitment to fitness?

Heidi: I have been a lifelong athlete.  I grew up in eastern Washington in the small town of Lind, and a small town’s main source of entertainment is the local school’s athletic events. Most kids participated just so we’d have enough to field a team.  I started participating in junior high, playing volleyball, basketball, tennis and cheerleading, and continued doing these all through high school. I ran the very first Bloomsday race in Spokane with my PE teacher when I was in junior high.  I continued running in college and beyond, and participated in many races throughout the years, having done one marathon, several half marathons and 10Ks, as well as a few sprint triathlons.  I also started doing aerobics in college with all the awesome 80’s music to do aerobics to!

MAC: It sounds like you get genuine enjoyment out of being active. How does being a MAC member enhance that experience? What part of the club do you find most enjoyable?

Heidi: I love the facilities at the MAC: the large, open feeling; the great machines; the awesome classes; and of course, the staff. The last 10 years or so I haven’t been running as much as the impact isn’t as friendly on my joints, so spinning is one of my favorites since it provides a great workout without impact. I usually do that three to four times a week. I love all the instructors, especially Bruce, David, and Debbie.  I also love Katherine’s K.U.T. class, especially when she teaches it on the Arena fields… nice, cushy field!  Also, I love the challenge of Katherine’s step class—it’s definitely a brain workout. Other classes I love are Bodypump, Yoga with Puja, Bodyflow with Erin, Bodycombat with Marie, and there are others I am still planning to try.  There are so many to choose from and many that I’d love to take but they run simultaneously with current favorites that I hate to miss.

MACI think a lot of people can relate to your lifestyle: a career woman balancing a family with work and all the other parts of a busy life. How do you keep yourself focused on fitness when there are so many priorities competing for your time?

Heidi: I am very blessed that I have a career that allows me to have my exercise routine in the morning without having to get up at “o’dark thirty.” To me, exercise has become not optional.  I don’t think about whether I feel like it or not.  It’s just a routine that I start my day with.  I know studies show that your peak exercise capacity is in the late afternoon, but for me, I do it in the morning before I’ve done anything else or let anything else get in the way… for me it’s like a job—I say, “I’m going to work out” and then I get on with my day after that.  I don’t feel right when for some reason I haven’t had the chance to get my exercise fix.


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