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Superhero’s for your Gut

I recently saw the new Batman Movie ” The Dark Knight Rises”   Christian Bale once again struggles to keep Gotham City safe from Crime and Harm to citizens.

  • Did you know that certain foods you eat, destroy your gut and it’s ability to fight off infections, weight gain and zapp your energy and moods?

Get  some Superhero’s in there to kick some bad guy booty and clean up your gut!

They’re called Pro-Biotics ( they mean  literally “for life”)

The best and most powerful enzymes – are found in fermented foods


Get  thinner, gain energy,  reduce bloat and digestive issues, and boost your immune system!

Last Weekend I  hung out with my dad ( also a nutrition nerd) and made Cultured Vegetables.  This is similar to Kimchi – but is not as spicy and has no animal products.   These both contain vegetables that have fermented, to bring out optimal nutrition and eat up any bad stuff in your body!  Mini Batmans– cleaning up any filth in their city (your gut)

I  go through about 1 jar of fermented veg ( pickled carrots, cauliflower, cabbage or sea veg ) a week, and decided it’s time I make my own and save some money!  We made about  13 jars for about $4/ jar.  I buy smaller jars for about $6-$9.

Why do you need  Fermented Foods?

Basically – unless you have always eaten a pristine diet, rich in nutrients, lots of veg and have never consumed any toxins, you need Pro-Biotics and healthy enzymes in your diet.

LIGHTEN UP!   Increase your immunity, Lose Weight, Look Better  and Feel  Better.

Add Cultured (fermented)  foods to your diet.

Read on to learn how to make your own!

  •  If you’re rolling your eyes and saying – yeah Right!

Then start taking Pro-Biotics .  2 pills nightly, I advise New Chapter All Flora  (supplement fridge section of your health food store).  They will help you break down foods while you sleep and give you beneficial nutrients.

Get more from your foods!   Eat Fermented Foods!

Step by step  instruction with photos!

      Step 1.   Buy lots of Veg!  We used Carrots, Daikon Radish, Red and Green cabbage .

Step 2.  Peel  necessary veg (carrots and Daikon)

       Chop into Chunks to feed into Food Processor

          Step 3.  Mix combo of different Veg – Great Colors!  More colors= more variety of nutrients

Step 4:  make culture.  This is live enzymes  that create the breakdown process in the veg and cause fermentation.  Basically – the “ On” button to benefits.


about 2 cups of shredded mixed veg,

lemon juice,

1 starter packet ( check out body ecology   http://www.bodyecology.com, or Amazon- just type in:  Culture Starter).

Some filtered water .

           5.  Blend and pour on top of shredded veg

              6.  Mix well

         7.  Put in jars- add a cabbage leaf on top – to seal.

             8.  Seal with lids.

9.  Wait – Keep on counter for about 5 days.  Then keep in fridge.

These keep for up to 2 years!  Longer they sit – the fementation will increase, may want to eat sooner than later if you don’t like sour foods.


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