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Breakfast Club, Final Meeting!

Are you eating breakfast?  Could it be better?

Last week I posted options for rushed days, to keep your sanity, energy and pant size (or DROP ONE!)

This is the last of the breakfast club!   I have given you two more options.
For more relaxed days and in-between days.    Get on the breakfast train!

All Olympic Athletes eat breakfast!  Be awesome and beautiful, join the club!   Read on

Breakfast Option 2:  Lots of time!  It’s the weekend!

You’re craving a big leisurely breakfast -but also want to keep your pant size in check.   If you don’t want to feel heavy the rest of the day and keep your energy up – Make yourself some

Greens, eggs, turkey  with avocado and toast

Toss some torn and rinsed Kale, Chard or spinach (or all 3 ) in a pan with 1 tbsp olive oil.  Toss on med heat for 2-3 mins(no more).  Put on plate

2.  Add sliced turkey (I like Diestel, herb roasted) – 1 thick slice.  And 1 egg to pan

cook egg as desired.  Slide turkey and egg on top of greens.

3.  Add sliced avocado  and 1 piece whole grain toast (not pictured)  I use coconut spread –  use real butter, just a bit – or a small bit of nut butter.  I also love tabasco and salsa!  Eat slowly and enjoy!  – Takes max 5 mins

Option 3:  Not hurried – but no extra time

  • 1 small snack baggie of cereal
  • 1 container of yogurt of choice.  I love goat yogurt!  always go for low sugar, high protein.
  • small container or berries or grapefruit

THESE ARE ALL PRE PACKED THE NIGHT BEFORE AND READY FOR ME TO GRAB IN THE FRIDGE.   Mix and eat at your coffee stop – or at work.  No time for that? Mix when you stop for coffee. Eat in the car.  Just keep your eyes on the road !

Keep spoons in your glove box!

Cereal Options

  • Make sure you keep a great grain cereal (Ezekial, Kashi, Udi’s granola, or Nature’s Path is good)

I have gotten in the habit of making my own grainola.  I double it to last longer .  and make sure to mix up more on a weekend, before a busy week.

Look at surfer’s granola recipe – posted last week.   I highly advise this for clients to keep sugar low, protein high, carbs moderate and chock full of omega 3’s vitamins and minerals


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