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Join The Breakfast Club

Last week I posted an entry on beautiful people (surfer’s) and what they eat.  One big component to a great body is BREAKFAST!

Listen to your mother – Eat your breakfast!  If you would like

1.  Clearer thinking

2.  Weight Loss

3.  Better mood  thourghout the day

4.  More Energy

5.  More Money and Friends

Allright – # 5 is not guaranteed, but if you  are thinking clearer and have more energy and better mood at work – you definitly should be in the running for a raise and people should be flocking to you !

If you’re not eating breakfast  within the first couple hours of your day  I challenge you to

Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Smart and Gorgeous people eat breakfast!

Read on for easy ways to join the club and get results!

My clients are busy professionals and multitasking moms… they both have lots of demands and often forget to put themselves first.  Their biggest mistake is not eating breakfast!
 If you do not eat breakfast, or wait till after 3 hours after waking up – you are losing both brainpower and weight loss potential.
I’ll make it simple!
Ideal breakfast foods are high in good carbs and protein- unless you work the night shift, most of us have the most physical and mental demands in the first half of our day.  Kickstart your metabolism.  If you don’t eat breakfast , or wait too long, or eat high sugar and low nutrient picks – your body is only storing fat.
What should you not eat?  1.  Coffee shop pastries (bagels, doughnuts, scones, muffins)  2.  Candy bars
These are the worst things you can eat.  They will cause your energy to take a major dive, along with your mood and brain power.
What should you eat?  Healthy protein and carbs
  1.  Whole grain cereals  -hot or cold with fruit,
   2.  Toast with peanut butter,
   3.  smoothies with greens,  fruit and protein- accompanied with whole grains (toast  or  similar)
  4.  eggs, vegetables, meat and grains.
if nothing else – have a banana with a nutirition bar – I advise Zing Bars, Skout bars and Pro-Bars.   These are all high in great grains, natural ingredients, low in sugar and carbs.  Stock up on these – keep them in your car, office and satchel.
Do not eat bars instead of a real meal.  Always eat a real meal when you have time.  Your body processed less combined foods better.  Meaning better digestion and elimination.
If you are a person who works out early in the AM –  LISTEN UP!
Always have a small bite before your workout.  Even if this is a half a piece of toast with peanut butter, two bites of a bar in the car.
Why?  Fat burns in the flame of carbs.   You do not burn fat unless you have some blood sugar buiding.   If there is no fuel in your tank – your body will burn fat from your muscle not your fat!   This is completely opposite of what you want – since muscle burns more calories.
  A piece of fruit is not enough, nor is a handful of nuts.  For you to rev up your metabolism, be in a better mood  and get a smaller butt!
You must start your day with some healthy carbs and protein.  Having trouble with this?  Contact me!
  Smart and Gorgeous people eat breakfast… Join the Club!
Email me for easy grain-ola  and healthy muffin recipes.

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