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Healthy Travel Foods

Breanne’s pant size saving snacks for on the go.

These are my favorite go to snacks for myself and clients when  traveling. For most of us – this means decreased activity. We are most likely not going to be hitting the gym for an hour everyday on vacation(or work trips), and we are probably going to find ourselves indulging in some added treats throughout the day. So – to keep you from undoing all the hard work you put in the week before:  Take these great snacks along with you. You will regret it if you don’t – Trust Me! If you can – prep up some snacks and breakfast go-to’s  at home before your trip. Taking 1 hour to make these  will save you a lot of grief and pounds!  Plus – you’ll save money !

1.  Homemade Granola

Double this and take some for travels.  Any coffee stand can give you a tall cup of milk to add the granola and some fruit too.  Boxed cereals have more sugar, less protein and more carbs = hello tight pants!

2.  Muffins to go

Never buy from a café or coffee stand – you may as well buy a slice of cake!  Make ahead and bring along, this way you know you are getting a healthy nutrient packed snack, also your portion size will be smaller to control over eating. If you don’t have some good recipes – contact me for info and a free health history session! My take on Cliff Bars, Balance Bars and Think Thin – they are better than a bagel, but unless you are working out for 2 hours and are getting some great vegetables in later in your day.  These will pack on the pounds with high carbs, sugars and preservatives.

Nutrition bars are great – in a pinch, always choose real food over bars.  But if you don’t have great choices around you, pick these:  (most of these are high vegetables and fiber bars since travel food is usually high in sugar and carbs – these will help balance your days).  PICK  THESE  INSTEAD : – for less active days, or days when you need more greens in your diet. All the bars below have real food ingredients. Meaning your body knows what these are and will not hold onto it and make your butt bigger. Although some may be high in calories, these are calories your body will use up! Confused? Make an appointment with me, and I’ll help ya out !

1. Pro-Bar (www.theprobar.com ): Superfood Slam!

This bar packs a super slam! With no refined sugar, acai and organic wheat grass.. along with nuts and dried fruit. It will hold you over and give you that salad you couldn’t find at the truck stop. My other favorite is the Whole Berry Blast . Why these? Because the hardest to find and best nutrients you can eat are your greens and your berries!

2. Greens + (www.Greensplus.com) These bars are my favorite!

They give you amazing super-foods, and all the greens that I can’t get my clients to eat on their own! Spirulina, Chlorophyll, wheat grass, chlorella, seaweeds, barley grass and chia seeds.  All things that aid weight loss and good cardio health!

My favorite is the Greens + original bar (no chocolate added)

Also – for on the go – low calorie nutrients  try GREENS + Organic Superfood  supplement stick.  Comes in a little tube!   It is your Organic blend of Green Foods, Super-fruits and Sea Vegetables. If you travel a lot, I highly suggest you buy a box of these!You just shake it in some water, stir- gulp it down  and you’ve got your super-foods and Pro-Biotics  for the Day!

3. Go- Raw Spirulina Super Bars and Chips

These come in small “chips” and bars.  These are Raw, Organic dried and pressed Sesame seeds, bananas, coconut , dates and spirulina. Giving you a ton of omega 3’s , protein, potassium , no refined sugar and your greens!  Basically – more energy and less fat.

4. Zing Bars – http://www.zingbar.com

Made by Seattle Nutritionists, these are a  great all natural snack. My favorite is the almond blueberry.  If you are having a more active day, the chocolate peanut butter is a good choice.

Other healthy snacks to have on hand are:

  • Rice cakes and nut butter (peanut, almond etc..)

You can find portable 1 servings at Whole Foods and PCC – Justin’s Peanut Butter .

  • Nuts and dried fruit are great – just portion size these out!  People tend to go nutty and eat to much very easily.  Nuts pack a lot of fiber and nutrients, but also a lot of calories and fat – so unless you are going on a Trek, avoid the nuts.

Just remember – a lot of bars use chocolate and peanut butter, if weight  is not a concern of yours, opt for these, otherwise choose the versions without the chocolate and peanut butter ( more sugar, calories and fat) – if you are going to be mostly sedentary, this will stick to you.

Happy Travels! (or maybe just busy work weeks )
Breanne Curran
Health Coach, Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer
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