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Member Spotlight: Clarence Haverstock

Clarence has been a MAC member since February 2012. He loves the Fit for All class and any exercise that will help him with his golf game!

“If I can’t see anymore, do I have to cancel my membership?” This was the first question Clarence Haverstock asked me in his first visit to Magnuson Athletic Club. It was an atypical question, but soon I would learn that Clarence is not your typical gym member.

When his doctor diagnosed him as borderline diabetic at age 82, Clarence became determined to make healthy changes to his lifestyle. He improved his eating habits, started taking daily walks with his wife, and joined a gym. By his 85th birthday Clarence had lost 50 pounds and his health improved dramatically.

When macular degeneration in both eyes made it difficult to navigate his old gym, Clarence went in search of a new facility and was attracted to the wide open spaces MAC offered. “The open space between the machines makes it easier for me to use them,” he explains. “I feel comfortable getting on and off my bike and finding my way between the weight machines.”

Since joining MAC, Clarence has become a regular fixture in mid-week Fit4All classes and enjoys the camaraderie he shares with his classmates. “Even if we don’t know each other’s names, we enjoy talking to each other,” he says. He also likes the resistance band and cardio exercises instructor Sue Ihlanfeldt designs for them. “She keeps you moving, and that really keeps me moving,” he says with a smile. Now a couple months shy of his 89th birthday, Clarence is determined to keep being active. “The staff and other members keep me coming back, and I’ll keep coming as long as I can keep finding my way down here.”


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