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What is this Kettlebell stuff?

I  asked the same thing about 2 years ago. I stepped into Kettlebility, near Greenlake – and never looked back.

Since then I have become a big fan and now am a certified HKC (Hardstyle Kettlebell  Instructor).   Why?  Because I can say hands down it’s gotten me in my best shape ever!  And I wanted you to get the effects I have!

The Russian Kettlebell is an extreme handheld gym!

  • Develops all purpose strength – to easily handle the toughest and most unexpected demand
  • Amps resilience to repel the hardest hits
  • maximizes staying power
  • Blends strength with flexibility , because strength that fails is pointless
  • Hacks the Fat off – without dieting and aerobics
  • Forges a Fighters Physique, lean and cut
  • makes strong anywhere, anytime

” Kettlebells are like weightlifting times ten.  If i could’ve met Pavel ( soviet special forces instructor and “modern king of kettlebells”)  in the early ’80s – I might have won 2 gold medals”  – Dennis Koslowski, DC, RKC  Olympic Silver Medalist – Greco Roman Wrestling


HKC stands for Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified and is  designed to teach you how to master and teach the essence of kettlebell basic movements: The Swing, the Turkish Getup and the Goblet squat.

The foundation of all kettlebell movements, these three exercises will set the stage for you to enter the world of kettlebell training with the most complete foundation for overall fitness possible.   I am en route to becoming RKC Certified,  The Gold Standard for kettlebell, the RKC is a grueling, three day challenge; a Black Belt course, if you will… wish me luck!

So for a workout where every rep counts towards your goals, Less time, more results and low risk of injury, I have brought Kettlebell  training to you!


In High School and College I ran distance, then I boxed and weight trained, I’ve tried a lot of mixed forms but  but I never had the underlying muscular strength with joint alignment that I have now.  Kettlebells have increased my cardio, strength and flexibility. And they took away my previous injuries!   Basically they will get you lean, toned and feeling great!

In saying this – I must emphasis – that you can use kettlebells very wrong and get injured easily.  It is HUGELY important to start with proper instruction. Every Swing and lift you do .. your spine will take – and if you do it wrong, you will be in some serious joint dislocation and/or pain.

Read on to find why and how exactly they work so efficiently…

I was immediately humbled when I first tried to “swing”   One of the core Kettlebell moves.  The demand for focus, alignment, strength and cardio endurance is above any other weightlifting.

the shape of the bell and it’s compact size allows for you to safely accelerate it, at a significant weight (between 20- 48 lbs usually)   This virtual force of speed with load is extremely efficient and effective at building muscle and losing fat.

THE PROOF:    Soviet armed forces strength training manual (approved by the ministry  of defense)  declared Kettlebell training to be one of the most effective means of strength development.  The Russian Special Forces train with bells to get much of their explosive agility and never quitting stamina.  Elite of the US military and law enforcement instantly recognized the power of the Russian Kettlebell. You can now find certified HKC and RKC instructors on Secret Service Counter Assault teams , among US Navy Seals and Force Recon Marines.

What about us everyday folk?

Once the kettlebell became a hit among the elite, whose lives depend on strength and conditioning- it took a life of it’s own among people of all walks of life.  If you are into losing weight, building muscle, looking good, getting healthy and feeling great ( not “jacked up”..tight and hurting) then learn kettlebell right!  Hardstyle means  -concentrated total body muscle tension in one extraordinary effort.  One punch one kill. It’s not to be messed around with learn this stuff right, or your body will pay for it.. trust me – I’ve seen it.

Contact me for private Kettlebell Instruction.. Small group introduction series to start this May – stay tuned.

Yours in Health.. and safe backs and shoulders

Breanne Curran







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