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$50 massages through March at the MAC, super deal!

Introducing…Stephanie Wilson, LMP! Stephanie has been a great massage colleague of Katy’s since school and she highly admires Stephanie’s work. We’re so happy to have her with us so please check out a massage with her at this great price. Her work is deep tissue with a great curiosity for body mechanics and fascia- excellent to see her for mysteries of the athletic body you’d like to explore. Ironically, now all three massage therapists at the MAC are from Alaska! Interesting. On that note, Crystal will be leaving us in June to head back to Alaska so wish her well when you see her. Katy will be on maternity leave from April- mid May with a baby boy on the way.
Come on in for a session to work out those achy muscles that have been working so hard lately. You deserve it!

  • At the MAC Th & Sats
  • Deep tissue massage, myofascial work, injury treatment, Reiki


  • At the MAC Mon, Tues & Sats
  • Deep tissue, injury treatment

We accept insurance for billing and have online scheduling at: http://www.riseupmassage.genbook.com
Read more about your therapists on our website: http://www.riseupmassage.com/?page_id=11


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