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Sleeker engines and beautiful warriors

If you came to my Stop the War on Carbs, the above title would make sense to you.  For those of you that weren’t able to make it last Wednesday — we covered eating for energy and a leaner build, also keeping your digestive tract healthy.

Did you know that it takes good amount of your daily energy just to digest your food?  Would you like more energy?  Eating foods your body knows.. whole foods, and less processed foods help keep digestion efficient. My clients often find as they clean up their diet, they get a lot more energy.

There are foods that optimize digestion and give you good enzymes to give your gut some help.  If you are interested in these, you can contact me @ bcurran@macseattle.com – to make a health history appointment, we sit down and talk about your goals, obstacles and current habits – and how I can support you to better health!

Some of the main take home points -and helpful tools

1.  Be leaner, happier, think clearer, have less enemies and more energy – by Eating Good Carbs

2.  Carbs help stabilize mood (B vitamins) .. it’s why your friends get crabby when they go on a low carb diet.

3.  Good carbs – found in whole grains give you energy, fuel for physical performance and keep you eating less.  Who doesn’t like being leaner, happier, more energized and richer?

4.  Simple carbs – found in processed foods and sugar  cause large insulin response, and cause us to store Fat. Avoid peaks and valleys in your blood sugar.  To make it simple.. avoid carbs that go straight to your head!    These are also highly addictive and convenient foods that cause you to eat the whole bag and be looking for more.. what are you looking for ?  The missing nutrients!

5.  So what should you start with? 

Cook with whole grains and try new ones.  Heard of:  Kamut. Teff, amaranth, barley, spelt, whole rolled oats, wild rice, buckwheat, millet… there’ s more

Try out one of these – cook it up for a busy week and mix with your favorite greens, vegetables.. or make it into a porridge – heated up with choice of milk, cinnamon, chopped up fruit and honey.  (check out my quinoa porridge recipe – in next post)

Or see me for cooking tips and good grains that fit your lifestyle

6.  Good grain products –    Good cereals .. check out Ezekial breads and cereals from Food for Life

website is highly informative on ingredients on each product.  Find these at Whole Foods or PCC.


These are high in alternative grains, that will give you less bloat, more vitamins and minerals, more fiber, more protein and  a happier healthier you!

Stay tuned for more great suggestions next week on good grain products!  And check out my next post for delicious and lean body making recipes




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