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I hear this a lot .. ” But eggs are bad.. right?  Or – you shouldn’t eat egg yolks – right?  ”  Take note – these comments are always followed with some doubt, because people don’t know the truth.

I’ll make this simple.  Eggs are good for you! The WHOLE THING (don’t eat the shell)

  They are good for your heart, eyes, brain, they fight against cancer (specifically colon cancer) and bad cholesterol (LDL) .  They help you digest fat and proteins .  Eggs also help you build healthy hair, nails and skin.

Want to know how?  And why how they got framed in the past with bad cholesterol? It’s also  important to be getting the right kind of eggs!  Read on for all these answers!   Knowledge is Power

Good for the Heart:   A study of 118,000 people reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association   In 1999 was conclusive :

“ We found no evidence of overall significant association between egg consumption and heart disease.  In fact people who ate 5 or 6 eggs a week had lower risk of heart disease than those who ate less than one egg / week.  The researchers led by Walter Willet at The HARVARD SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH  cited a host of reasons fresh eggs prevent heart disease.. including Antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamins, omega 3 fats and good effects of blood sugar and insulin.


Sparking 3 decades of of unjustified fear?  Dr.  Kilmer McCully , expert on cholesterol metabolism states : “ real eggs weren’t to blame – the studies used dehydrated eggs- which are liquidized, pasteurized and spray dried – found mostly in processed foods.  The cholesterol in powdered eggs and powdered milk is oxidized and causes atherosclerosis (heart attacks).

“ Fresh eggs by contract are a nutritional bonanza”  States Nina Planck – author of  Real Food

Above all eggs are a fine source of inexpensive protein.  In fact , the ratio of amino acids in eggs is so close to the ideal human needs for proper  nutrition.  So what makes them so good?

  1. Lecithin – Found in every human cell, lecithin helps the body digest fat  and cholesterol, Lecithin is the source of choline.
  2. Choline –   A B vitamin like agent vital to the fetal brain.  Eggs contain many anti- oxidants
  3. Antioxidants – Glutathione , which helps other antioxidants fight cancer and prevents oxidation of LDL (bad cholesterol)
  4. Yolks – Rich in antioxidants carotenes, lutein and zeaxanthin, which is good for the eyes and fight colon cancer.
  5. Lutein – Is more easily absorbed than Lutein in Spinach.
  6. Egg Yolk – has the highest concentrations of biotin- a B vitamin essential for healthy hair, skin and nerves of any food.  Biotin is vital for digestion of fat and protein
  7. Nutrient Betaine – is also abundant in eggs – reducing homocysteine . the amino acids that causes hardening in arterial walls (heart attacks)


Eggs from pasteurized birds are far superior to those from hens raised indoors.  Pastured yolks are a rich yellow from beta carotene , found in plants.  They have more monounsaturated fat. (Learn about good and bad Fats at the Feb 8th workshop)

Also have Vitamins A & E, folic acid, lutein and betacarotene than INDOOR EGGS .

Pastured eggs are richer in Omega 3 fats – which prevent obesity , diabetes, heart disease and depression.  Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is ideal (1:1)  .  Indoor eggs have almost twenty times more Omega 6 than Omega 3  = not good   Learn why at the Feb 8th SUPERFOODS  workshop


 If you can’t find pastured eggs.. barn raised birds  – (NOT IN CAGES) fed omega 3 , are second best.

Basically Eggs are Great !  Don’t eat anything but the real thing.  Fresh whole eggs from happy hens, eating bugs and grubs .. outside on green grass!

Oh – and check those labels, be skeptical of eggs in processed foods.


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