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5 Elements to Reaching Weight Loss and Better Health

5 Elements to Reaching Weight Loss and Better Health
I’d like  to share a quote that helps me re-affirm daily what is important to me :
When you’re interested, you do whatever is convenient.. When you’re commited, you do whatever it takes! ”  John Assaraf

What are you committed to this year?

5 top weight loss/health tips for 2012

Do you know that while exercise is crucial to losing weight and staying healthy, it’s definitely not the biggest piece to the puzzle.
Research shows that with exercise alone… you can expect to lose 1-2 lbs a month.. Sad, really.
So what does work? 


With a program that combines both nutrition coaching and an exercise program, you can expect to lose 5x more fat in one month.

When it comes to losing fat and getting in shape, the majority of the focus is on nutrition and health habits.

Lesson 1 :  Find a Big Motivator 

To accomplish your goals , you must have motivation from inside, find a reason “WHY?!” a real purpose and a sense of why getting in shape is important to you .

Lesson 2:  Do One Small Thing Every Day

Point here is, if it matters to you – you  will have focus and consistency.

But – only choose one thing to focus on at a time!  Most people try and change to much at once.  That has been proven to not change anything at all. With more likelihood of accomplishing changes, they will stay with you.  And don’t worry – once you master one – you can move to the next.

Lesson 3: Focus on Actions

It’s hard to control outcomes, but you can control your actions that lead to the outcomes.

Rather than focusing on losing 30lbs and hanging your confidence on that scale… Focus on your actions, the small daily things that you do consistently that builds your health.

Actions practiced daily build up over time and yield amazing results!

Lesson 4: With Knowledge Comes Power.

Stay informed on best nutrition choices for your health and goals.  Food changes everything.  Did you know that some elements in your diet actually steal from the good nutrients you are putting in?  What really are anti-oxidants?  What should you look for on your protein source labels?  Want to look younger and decrease risk of alzheimers and cancer?  Food affects how we think, move and feel.  What are you missing out on?

Lesson 5: Keep Accountable and Supported

People who have support from others and check in points achieve more results and quicker, than if they went at it alone.  With support and a check ins you can connect with people and stay on track when you’re excited, confused or wondering what to do next.

Boost your Fitness and Wellness this 2012

Eat Better, Impress your friends.  See total body transformations with
accountability and support!


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BOOST WELLNESS provides all these elements… all you have to do is show up to your sessions!

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Motivation – Goals are set at your first session.  These goals determine your path to better health.  Everything you do is based on reaching these goals.  We constantly assess and reset steps you are doing, to keep you on track.

Do one small thing every day/

Focus on actions –

You are given a new health steps every 2 weeks, and checked in on weekly to make sure you are keeping compliant. With Breanne you’ll learn that the focus is on Today!  Not yesterday or tomorrow –it’s one day at a time.  These small daily habits gradually stack up to results you can hardly believe.

With Knowledge comes Power:  What are you missing out on?

With monthly nutrition education / individual or group sessions.  We target your concerns and goals with information that matters to you.  Gain skill power to keep your willpower!

Stay accountable and supported-While you’re busy with building daily health habits you’ll need someone who understands , to monitor your progress and make adjustments.  This frees up your time to focus on the most important things – your daily behaviors with bi-monthly check ins.  Breanne monitors your progress and daily compliance – if your behaviors don’t match your goals, she will support you with educated decisions to change that step and get you back on track.

With a good support group.. well, you fail less.

Contact Breanne Curran to reach your health goals!      bcurran@macseattle.com

   Individual Nutrition Counseling and Group Wellness Workshops

@Magnuson Athletic Club ( www.macseattle.com) Non- Members Welcome


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