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Man in the Mirror

MAN IN THE MIRROR –  you’ve got to get it right while you’ve got the time

This morning I had a call with a client who had tearfully told me how she wished that she had known how important our food choices were, when she was younger.  You see her father passed when he was 36 from Cancer.  And after doing some research she came to realize how important diet and lifestyle habits are , and how him changing his habits earlier in his life could have very well saved him.  Because of this, she is making changes in her own life and seeing me for Health Coaching/ Nutrition Counseling.

This was immensely meaningful to me. It reaffirmed that I love what I get to do daily, help people improve the quality of their own lives by the little choices we make.  I could also relate to her, as I became a health coach after realizing that my friends and family members were suffering from depression, cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.  Are these diseases preventable – absolutely  !

We are a product of all our Movements.  Every step and reach you make, every gulp and bite you take , even the thoughts you think – make up your well-being!

I get to help people become healthier, happier and achieve their goals – by working on all these little movements they make.  I help people improve the quality of their own lives- how cool is that? !

I know this post is a little cheesy/ Oprah like, but I wanted to share that with you

It also led me to put on my favorite song – ” Man in the Mirror”  – Michael Jackson.  We all know it but have you really listened to the words?   I have them in my next post- mostly if inspires me because it is so true – and confirms that by being our best we have the power to change things around us.   There is no glass ceiling – only the one you create.

Yours in Health,



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