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Getting back to center

How do you regain your center?  When you feel off, lose focus, or simply don’t like how you are handling —  a situation – how do you re-set.  As a kid – I remember playing tag and having home base, as a safety zone.  As adults – what is it now?

I found myself in the past week getting off center a few times

Mid last week, I had a horrible night of sleep.I knew I had a full day ahead.. I was booked from 6 Am- noon and 3-7 plus some studying to do.  I had to pull it together, so I made sure to hydrate a lot the next day – squeeze in a re-energizing workout before my evening clients.  That got me through the day.  But when I got home I was craving everything!

I was tired, but my body thought it had to keep going- since I had pushed it all day long.  So I made some tea and made myself go to bed.

Sleep, exercise, proper nutrition and exercise are great ways of finding home base.  We all have set backs, it’s not punishing yourself, dwelling on it – and moving forward, that helps us stay happy and healthy.

Breanne Curran


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