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New Equipment at the MAC

Very soon MAC members and guests will see some new additions to our array of equipment. We gathered the results of the equipment survey and listened to member feedback. We will add some of the most requested items.
In the next few weeks you will see these items added to the MAC:
1 Treadmill facing out toward the lake
1 Elliptical facing out toward the lake
Glute machine added to the weight floor
More BodyPump weights
Large wall mounted fans in the group fitness rooms
5 more pilot computers for the spin bikes
12.5,17.5,22.5,27.5lbs free weights
2.5lbs weight plates for plate loaded machines
Heavy bag
More bands, tubing, jump ropes, and an ab wheel

We tried to get a little something for everyone. We will continue to strive to provide members with the best possible experience we can here at the MAC.

Thank you to all of our members,
The MAC staff


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