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Working your butt off, but still seeing it?

Do you wonder why you don’t see results from all your hard work in the gym? As a trainer who incorporates health coaching, I work to get people results.. that is my product pure and simple. I get people to achieve their health goals by challenging them to increase their daily movements, what they do with their feet and their fork. Now if they are not paying attention to the quality of workouts, foods and rest..are they going to get the results they want? I don’t believe so.

I’ve never heard someone say say: ” I wanna look like that woman on the end treadmill, I love how she comes in and spends 45 mins every day. See how she jiggles and her body never changes? That’s glorious, I want to look like her! ” The truth is our bodies adapt quickly. That may be why you are not seeing the changes you’d like. Now does this mean – go out and take a bunch of random classes and workout till you drop? No- there is another factor to get to your results. Quality of Movement.

If you put exercise on movement dysfunction, you will eventually experience setbacks, pain and possibly injury. What I mean by this is- yeah you may do 50 pushups, but how quality of push ups, how does your back and neck feel after those. Wouldn’t you rather do less of something and get more results? I would!

How do you build a secure home? I would start with a good solid foundation and then place each brick securely and correctly. Then once those bricks are walls and rooms, you have to consider the quality of the stuff that you put in your home. Your body truly is the only home you will always have. How are you building it? And what are you putting into it? We all know the US has the highest rate of obesity and health problems. Is this due to lack of exercise and more calories daily? I believe It is a result of bad exercise and bad quality foods. In order for people to reach health and fitness goals, they must invest in good movements daily.

Breanne Curran
NSCA CPT, Health Coach, Nutrition Specialist


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