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gut friend #1

As promised here is a gut friend for you, to help boost your health .. both now and long term!

Breanne Curran, NSCA CPT, NS, Health Coach

1.  Probiotics

How they work:  Antibiotic use, excessive sugar and stress can alter the bacterial balance in the gut,  Takng a supplement of “good bugs” ( officially known as probiotics) can help restore this bacterial balance , strengthening immunity and potentially preventing or treating a wide range  of health issues, including yeast infections.

“There’s good data that probiotics improve symptoms of allergies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) , eczema and colic”  – says Patrick Hanaway M. D. an integrative family physician in Asheville N.C.  Preliminary research has also shown that Probiotics  activate an immune response in mucous membranes which helps prevent colds and flus.

How to take it:  Look for a mixed strain product that includes Bifidobacteria  and  Lactobacilis and follow package directions.  ( I like New Chapter brand)  find it in the refrigerated supplement section of your natural food store – It is active enzymes, so needs to be kept cold.


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