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Go with your gut

Go with your gut
a balanced digestive system can boost your immunity and help stave off disease. 

Breanne Curran  NSCA CPT, Nutrition Specialist and Health Coach

  Since I’m focusing on quality of movements…( that’s nutrition humor ! )  Got good digestion?  If you’re suffering from migraines, allergies or chronic disease the answer may be “no”  Digestion – the process by which your body breaks down food into nutrients and eliminates the rest – isn’t just about simple mechanics.  Recent research has homed in on the digestive system’s most abundant inhabitants:  trillions of beneficial bacteria that colonize the GI tract from the moment we’re born.  These “good bugs” support digestion itself and affect health in myriad other ways, staring with our immunity.

“Many people don’t realize that the lining of our intestines is the biggest part of our immune system” says Boston-based naturopathic doctor Cathy Wong N.D.  Indeed with it’s massive surface area (if stretched out, it’s actually the size of a football field) the GI tract is continually under attack by harmful bacteria  and viruses present in the food we eat and the air we breathe.  When the good bugs are plentiful, they keep the bad ones at bay: Healthy flora release acid , making the environment inhospitable to harmful microbes.  Plus researchers are still uncovering more ways in which our inner ecosystem affects our health with studies linking bacterial imbalance in the gut to everything from allergies to obesity to heart disease.
Optimizing both your gut health – it’s ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria- and the digestive process are two of the best things you can do for your body. To start, eat a plant based diet with plenty of fiber and healthy fats, fermented foods, like yogurt and miso, and minimal sugar and processed foods.  And try and relax, because the bodies stress response inhibits digestion.  Speaking of which – I have a yoga class to get to!  Check my blog, this week and next  www.breannetrains.com  and the blog at www.macseattle.com for 9 more gut healthy tips.  I’ll post one every couple days,


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