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Are You Present? Or Past?

Present or Past?

So I just came from an evening yoga class at Yoga Life in Greenlake. Great class! Vinyasa 6:00 Fridays.

But it’s not the class I wanted to share, it’s what she said. The instructor, while leading us through movements stated – as she was encouraging one of many chest opening salutations in class:

“our backs hold the past, our front side holds the present and future” Now this may not be life impacting – but I thought – how true!

We are all products of our movements. What we do, eat and think. What are your daily and most frequent movements .. how do you hold yourself?

As a Trainer and Health Coach, I have a habit of taking notice how people hold themselves, their skin and eyes – how vibrant they are. Why – this tells me how they are nourishing themselves.

Eyes white – not cloudy, and pupils defined and focused. Tells me they are well rested.

Face and skin calm and balanced – not ruddy or dry. tells me they are getting good nutrients. Or they have a great foundation they are using (joke)

Anyhow – One of the most common postures for people is back rounded and head slightly down. This may be due to your daily movements – lots of desk. sitting, computer or phone time. But also – why are you some so weighed forward like they are carrying a heavy backpack? Maybe they feel burdened and down/ stressed.

I am assigning myself and you this exercise – stop and check how you hold yourself. Especially when in public. Open up your chest (Heart up) shrug shoulders back and down, lengthen your neck.

Now you are presenting yourself to the world – rather than taking what the world gives you. Notice how people respond to you. I have found people smile more – and notice you more.. why? You are exuding confidence.

Daily, many of us give so much(obligations in life).  Stop and open up yourself to receive more – take more in for yourself.

I always tell my clients “ First move well, then move often “ A focus on quality in all our movements helps us gain great results.

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  1. I definitely fall into that last category regarding posture… great suggestions and food for thought!

    August 3, 2011 at 1:34 PM