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Healthy Eats This Summer

Don’t undo your hard work in the gym.


Barbeques are such an easy summer get-together.  We usually find ourselves snacking throughout the evening and eating more than we are happy with.  Skip the snacking and go straight for the dinner as soon as food is off the grill.  Save yourself and step away from the spread, which is usually loaded with sodium and sugar.  Sip unsweetened ice tea and club soda to keep your calorie count down.  Curious about what all those condiments add up to?  Allan Borushek, author of Calorie King Counter and Fat and Carbohydrate counter itemizes them up for us:

1 tbsp         g/cal           g/fat

butter          102             12

ranch           60               6

guacamole    25               2

pickle relish   14               0

saukerkraut   7                0

salsa              4                0

mustard       10               1

ketchup        15               0

bbq sauce    26               0

mayo           100             11

Most of all – beware of sugar content.  Many condiments , mainly ketchup, relish, ranch, and bbq sauce have high sugar content.  Minimize this for less weight gain.

Best tip for BBQ?

Load up on veggies and lean proteins.  Avoid chips and soda.  Keep alcohol use to a minimum.  This will keep you feeling satiated, energized, sans food and alcohol hangover.  And no regrets the next day about your overindulging at the neighbors.

Think you can out train that evening?  Think again.  A plate of beef hamburger, ear of corn, potato salad and a beer – will run you about 980 cals.  This is without the condiments.    Your balls to the wall spin class – will burn about half of that. YOU CANNOT OUT TRAIN A CRAPPY DIET!

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