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Massage at the MAC!

Training hard for the next big thing? Make the most of your body’s energy and time with some healing massage on the side. Massage is a way to increase circulation and decrease muscle tightness which can speed recovery time from injury and every day workouts. People who get regular massage or just get that every now-and-then boost when it’s needed can benefit from the manual stretching, lengthening of muscles and getting new blood flow into those tight, painful spots that are holding you back. What does the ideal, uninhibited body feel like? Come on in to find out!! We all deserve to feel our best.

Mackenzie joins Katy on the MAC massage team, where you can find a range of types and styles of massage to suit your body and its changing needs. Both therapists focus on deep tissue massage geared towards the athlete’s body with passive stretches, joint mobility and injury treatment, trigger point work (specific pressure on those crazy knots), and lots of yummy deep, relaxing work up the spine and everywhere else.

Massage is now available Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Friday and Saturday mornings. Easy online scheduling available at riseupmassage.genbook.com. Call Katy directly at (206) 414-9392 for questions or check out our massage website at www.riseupmassage.com with information on package discount prices, gift certificates for your loved ones, and our self-care blog.

First massage only $60!

Katy Cañete – Massage

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