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MAC – Make A Connection

By KIM STERN for Magnuson Athletic Club

People connect. It’s a natural state of being. And it is personal. Connection can be a simple “hello” and “good bye.” Or it can be an intense, life-changing experience. In fitness, connection happens most commonly in three areas — ourselves, the Club and with other members.


People join clubs with a specific intention. This intention may fall into the category of “healthy lifestyle” or it may be more specific to an event such as running a marathon. While good intentions usually get us moving, they do not always carry us through. Connection can be a powerful motivator. How do you feel- – physically, mentally, emotionally–when you start your workout? At the end? Compare the two. Take note of what you can do at the beginning of the month, then at the end. Has you your body changed? Your mood? Has your positivity increased? How? Ultimately it is about looking for the link between where you started and where you intend to be.

The Club

Being part of MAC means being associated with an organization committed to creating an atmosphere focused on your success. Are you new to the Club or have questions about some of the equipment? Check out a fundamentals class led by our personal trainers who are eager to learn about you and your goals. Want to take advantage of the Group Fitness classes but don’t know where to start? Ask an instructor to meet with you before class to give you the ins and outs. Trust us, everyone at MAC absolutely loves it when you reach out to us with your goals, your stories!

The Members

Genuine rapport with other members can be the most rewarding of all. Breaking down silos starts with a nod of acknowledgment on the weight room floor or a shared laugh in a class. Attending a Group Exercise class or signing up for semi-private training are two great ways to meet your fellow members. You might find that the person next to you is your neighbor or that your kids go to the same school. It has happened already. Moreover, knowing that you are missed by those around you will spur you to show up when you want to skip your workout.

Connection. It supplies motivation. It offers opportunities for shared experiences. It leads to results. It ends in powerful relationships. It’s about being a part of something bigger.

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