Encouraging Health and Happiness

From the Trainers – Exercise Motivation

By TRAVIS MOTLEY for Magnuson Athletic Club

1. Set a quantitative goal – Base your goals on numbers, such as “I want to weigh 185 lbs. by August 1st” or “I want to run one mile in 11 minutes.” Having a non-specific goal, such as “to lose weight” isn’t good enough.

2. Find and use a support system – Tell some close friends and/or family members about your goals so you have people to encourage you and hold you accountable to the goals you’ve set.

3. Sign up for an event – Events have a time and place that you must be ready for and can be a big motivator in keeping you accountable. Bonus points for signing up with a friend!

4. Have a workout partner – Find a friend or another fellow gym member with similar goals and interests as you. Not only will it make coming to the gym easier, it’ll be twice the fun!

5. Just get up and do it! – Most of the time it’s not going to be easy and it’s going to be work. But the sooner you figure that out and stop feeling sorry for yourself the better. You know what is fun? RESULTS and results can only be found at the gym!


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