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Trainer Spotlight – Kate Towell

Kate is from a big family and grew up in Michigan. She attributes her early love of sports to her two cousins Scott and Jason, who would include her in pick-up street basketball games, and played team sports throughout high school. In college she discovered yoga and mountain biking, and since then has indulged in many physical pursuits but found the most passion in yoga, snowboarding, surfing, biking and swimming.

“I love yoga because it is such a complete practice. Through yoga you gain flexibility, strength and endurance all while calming the mind,” Kate explained. “I savor that time of quiet movement in my day.” After having spent so much time playing competitive sports, Kate finds it nice to have a practice that is so personal. “I love teaching and it’s so rewarding because I meet so many wonderful people and get to seem them transform each week in class. When you practice consistently, the power of yoga sneaks up on you. It’s subtle but powerful, and I like that.”

Recently, Kate organized the Magnuson Athletic Club 21 Day Yoga Challenge and was met with great success! “The benefits of yoga are best seen with regular practice. After 21 days of consistent practice – even if it’s just 10 minutes – you will see and feel a difference in your body. Watching the challenge participants deepen their practice over the 3 weeks was really great for me.”

Kate lives a fairly busy life. When she is not teaching yoga, she works as a research biologist for the National Marine Mammal Laboratory. She mainly works with two declining species – Steller Sea Lions and Northern Fur Seals – but was recently given the privilege of traveling to Australia to help out with studies on Australian Sea Lions and New Zealand Fur Seals. Kate is also in school to become a holistic health counselor, and in her free time can be found playing outdoors with her husband, Rod, and their dog, Luna.

Kate holding a New Zealand Fur Seal pup


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