Encouraging Health and Happiness

Nutrition Tips – 5 Feel Good Tips

By KATE TOWELL for Magnuson Athletic Club

1) Drink more water – Really that’s it. We are fluid beings and every function of the body needs water in some capacity. Don’t skimp on the H2O.

2) Eat Real Food – I adhere to the Michael Pollan food rules here. If you pull up to a window to get it its not real food. The less processed and package the food the better.

3) Fall in love with cooking – The more you eat at home the better you become at eating reasonable portions and bonus eating real food.

4) Don’t cheat yourself on the Z’s – Your body builds while its at rest so take the time to get a minimum of 6 but closer to 8 hours of sleep a night.

5) Make time for play and follow the 80/20 rule – Most of the time follow the guidelines above but splurge on beer and pizza night once in a while.


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